SCPDA empowered people with disabilities economically by involved them in development activities. The following tabular summary shows you the number of beneficiaries and name of project they involved on income generating activities.


s/no Title of projects implemented Beneficiaries Name of groups formed
1 Livelihood for the Disabled Project: a project improving the lives of persons with disabilities. 12 Gemenagira Shower and Cleaning Service Provider Cooperative Association (GSCSPCA).
2 Empowerment Of Women With Disabilities Through Involving Them On Income Generating Activities  (EWDTIIGA) 10 Tsege and Belaynesh Laundry Cloth Washing And Cleaning Service).
3 Empowering Two Groups Of Persons with Disabilities                  (PWDs) through IGA. 20

Boruff jenee Women with Disabilities Jewelries Work Private Limited Micro-Enterprise Cooperative Association

Brotherhood Believers Candle Producer and Distributor Self-Help Private Limited Group.

4 Empowerment of Women With Disabilities, through IGA. 10 Women with Disabilities Poultry Raiser Self-Help Group.
5 Support for needy persons with disabilities in Bishoftu 12 Welqubeinaa Self-Help Group
6 Improving the life of disabled poor persons through capacity building support. 11 Teret Lelemat  Disabled People Development Association
                Total Beneficiaries 73  
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