Inclusive HIV/ADIS and disability sensitive information and education

This project is designed to broaden awareness of children and other persons with disabilities, their families , government bodies and community members through the provision of HIV/ADIS and disability sensitive information and education, produce and distribute HIV/ADIS and disability IEC/BCC materials, create awareness for children, community and other stakeholders through orientation, community dialogue and other technicians. 

  • Third project was implemented in 2014 and 2015. Some activities in this project includes, but not limited to:
  • More than 200 youths with disabilities provided with HIV/ADIS awareness training.
  • Above 10,000 condoms distributed.
  • 80 community members and leaders participated in awareness rising sessions through coffee ceremony.
  • 150 IEC/BCC materials were distributed and proper condom utilization was demonstrated.
  • Anti-HIV/ADIS clubs capacities built.

Third project was implemented with the help of National Organization for the Visually impaired and the Blind (NOVIB) and Addis Ababa HAPCO (HIV/ADIS Prevention and Control Office).

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