On its health care theme Support and Care for People with Disabilities Association (SCPDA) implemented projects on sanitation and public hygiene, on HIV/AIDS control and prevention, care and support for survivors of HIV/AIDS through, psycho-social support and on personal health cultivation, annual specialized eye examination services on the partnership between the association and optometrist specialized hospitals are performed    in the past years. In addition, SCPDA played prominent role in spreading HIV/AIDS related information by cooperatively working with other partners.

Among the major activities that the organization carried out in its last intervention on health care and HIV/AIDS were;

  1. Two staffs has been assigned and capacitated and responsibilities were given to execute health care and HIV/AIDS sensitive activities.
  2. Provision of information for awareness creation to person with disabilities multiple jeopardized children, families, school communities and to other community members.  In this program the main approaches that SCPDA were followed are; village to village coffee ceremonies, creation of trained trainer  networks among school youths and other volunteers, distribution of information by broachers, leaflets and posters, forming and capacitating ant’ HIV/AIDS campaign groups in Bishoftu and the surrounding.
  3. HIV/AIDS sensitive information were produced and distributed like IEC materials and other broachers. This materials was distributed by prints of white and braille papers. Thus, more than 500 materials were produced and distributed.
  4. Support and care for multiple jeopardized survivors such as children with HIV virus and disabilities, adults both with disabilities and HIV/AIDS. People with disabilities have got direct benefit in trainings, psycho-social support and they prioritized for accessing health education and personal health cultivation services.
  5. Train and deploy youth peer-educators to conduct group learning sessions on HIV/AIDS issue for their peers and relatives. Indeed, more than 200 youths were connected and get service in this trained trainer networks.
  6. SCPDA Organized village to village coffee ceremonies at neighborhood level for debating and conversion about HIV/AIDS. In this event more than 300 villagers were participated.
  7. Condom demonstration and distribution was made in highly risky areas such as nearby hotels, night clubs, schools, recreation centres  and commercial sex work destinations. This event was performed by kept user free and secured environments. Condoms funded from Dkt Ethiopia distributed its users. Said by said, each of the above activities more than 2,000 condoms was distributed and instruction of correct and consistent condom use was shared by leaflets and posters.
  8. The association has provided capacity building training for local NGOs working on community based rehabilitations typically on Orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS.
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