The Three Aids Foundation (TTAF)


The Three Aid Foundation, or TTAF Foundation, focuses on people at the bottom of society, regardless of philosophy of life.

The objective of the TTAF Foundation is not to provide permanent financial assistance. In other words: TTAF Foundation does not want to hand out fish or rods. TTAF Foundation wants to make sure that people can make their own fishing rod. Partly for this reason the help from TTAF Foundation is project driven.

From the history of TTAF the focus is mainly on the blind, visually impaired and handicapped in Ethiopia. There is now sufficient knowledge of this country and in addition, TTAF has a fairly extensive network of reliable partners.

Working area TTAF Foundation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has more than 105 million inhabitants and in terms of surface area is 29 times larger than the Netherlands. The TTAF Foundation works in the red border area (see map). At the top of the red border area lies Addis Ababa.


The TTAF Foundation focuses on a number of areas:

  • Primarily Health Care
  • Eye Care
  • Improving education

TTAF has been supporting a school for the blind in Debre Zeit for years.

Interkerkelijke stichting Ethiopië / Eritrea


Since 1973, ISEE has been committed to improving living conditions and future opportunities for the poorest in Ethiopia and Eritrea through small-scale projects.

Many projects are supported in the fields of fisheries, agriculture, education, health, economy and environment.

The foundation has already learned a lot from these projects and a lot has already been achieved, but the poverty and need in Ethiopia and Eritrea remain great and we are not there yet. Our projects are still desperately needed to offer the poorest in Ethiopia a view of a better future.

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