Projects based on Income Generating Activity

The second project is to bring children with cross disabilities and their  parents together and strive to  empower them  with different aspects like economic empowerment by engaging  them in income generating activities, providing business skill training, creating strong parent participation in schools and so on.

Having this in mind, SCPDA have provided support for groups and associations. Gemenera shower service, Tsge and Belaynesh  laundry service, Boruff  Jenee Sewing and knitting,  Weaving based self help groups and Bishoftu visually impaired development association are some of the groups. Types of activities the groups engaged includes: shower/bathing services, hand crafts, laundry services, Sewing and knitting, weaving  and so on. SCPDA provided business skill training, technical supports and small budget support for groups.

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