SCPDA operates a community-based school for children who are blind or have special needs in Bishoftu.

Income Generation Activities

Target Groups

Building Plan for the Blind School

Students touching smelling and tasting fruits

SCPDA graduated eight blind children for seventh time

Welcome to Support and Care for People with Disabilities Association (SCPDA)

SCPDA operates a community-based school for children who are blind or have special needs in Bishoftu. It is primarily intended to support visually impaired children  while equipping them with basic skills that will allow them to integrate into a typical classroom environment.

SCPDA has been providing different services such as employment opportunities through income generating self employment, educational, health care , mobility aid, nutrition, and transportation support for Persons With Disabilities, male and female.

Social Workers meet with Persons With Disabilities and their families and offer psycho-social counseling support.

What We Do

We  fill the information gap available in disability area by organizing  experience sharing workshops, facilitating exchange of relevant information among different actors on disability, organizing capacity building training workshops, coordinate and implement activities on different sectors that promote inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Basic Skills

Provision of special needs education services regularly for visually impaired children in two-year terms. 

Basic braille reading and writing training

Providing basic Braille reading and writing training for children who are low vision or suspected of losing their eyesight in the future. 

Educational materials

Support in basic educational and special need educational materials.

Community based care service

Providing health care education for people with disabilities on different concerns like community based care and service for OVC with disabilities, HIV AIDS prevention and care.

Target Groups

Person with with disabilities ( specially visually impaired children) Bishoftu  and Addis Ababa.

Sponsorship programs

Sponsorship programs started with two volunteers widespread able to advance 31 graduate students to continue their education in regular schools.

Empowering people

Specially women with disabilities and families of persons with disabilities through income generating activities. 

Medication and transportation

Supporting visually impaired and low vision students in medication and transportation costs.

Guest house services for children

Comprehensive guest house services provided for children in rural areas where special needs education services are unavailable, or prohibitively expensive to poor families


Facilitating medications for extraordinary diseases; for example, children with tumors affecting their sight.


Your Donation Can Change Someone’s Life.



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