Kenenisa Can Now Eat by Himself

This is Kenenisa. An eight-year-old blind boy who had lost his parents and was living with his neighbors with no knowledge of handling a boy with special needs.

Posted on September 20th

Locked in a room for much of his life, he was struggling with even the most basic activities like eating and walking – he desperately needed special care and support. But after coming to our school, this brave boy significantly improved. In just a few weeks, he was able to walk and below is a picture of him eating by himself  – thanks to God! HH

Kenenisa is one of the thousands of blind children in Ethiopia, if given the compassion, expertise and nurturing, who can reach major developmental milestones in such a short period. In this light, we plan to build a new school that can accommodate more students, and your gift will provide life-changing services to the many unreached children. telephone:- +25111 21 52 69

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